Our mission is to help our clients improve their decision-making process and readiness, in order to accelerate the delivery and provisioning of safer, higher-quality patient care and other healthcare services and solutions. We accomplish this by leveraging our healthcare informatics and technology expertise, our partnerships and our guiding principles, to plug into and provide the right information, at the right time, worldwide.

At The Green Technology Group {TGTG} our guiding principles are:

  • Excellence in all we do;
  • A commitment to our promise of quality work;
  • Timely response to our client’s orders;
  • Skill and depth at all our key positions;
  • Clear product solutions and market intelligence;
  • Give back to our communities; and
  • Help each other: share our experiences, knowledge and successes to continuously improve.

In the healthcare industry, the challenges continue to grow and increase in complexity.Ā TGTG treats healthcare consulting and implementation like providing legal advice. We recognize that smart organizations seek quality services from vendors who understand risk mitigation, profitability, cost control and customer satisfaction. Government agencies and commercial clients use our services to deliver superior patient care, promote safety, and improve their efficiency and productivity. TGTG’s solutions and its business model address the demands, needs and requirements of these entities to ensure that they are positioned to meet governmental and industry standards, as well as, regulations and customer experience expectations.

TGTG recognizes that networks, mobile devices, clinical support systems, physician back-office systems, point-of-care systems and electronic healthcare records are among the primary drivers of the technology challenges in today’s healthcare environment. We view ourselves as enablers, capable of implementing program integrated solutions to address the challenges in today’s marketplace. This fact, combined with our expertise in eliminating barriers in technology, training and program management support services, places us in the forefront to enable federal agencies and commercial businesses to meet and exceed their missions and objectives.

While our functional expertise and guiding principles drive our efforts, we recognize that we cannot be all things to all people. The keys to our success include the development and maintenance of strategic channel partner relationships, in addition to, the effective implementation of new strategies and product innovation.