Management Consulting

Through decades in the field of health IT, TGTG has developed strategic solutions for the health sector. We provide advisory services to a range of clients and policy-making bodies. As an IT advisor to NIH, our firm has experience implementing critical regulatory guidelines. We have also worked with CIOs and COTRs in areas such as PMO support, IT portfolio analysis, advisory services, IT governance process development, IT strategy, and analysis. In support of organization development within government agencies, TGTG has lead the continuous evaluation and improvement of information technology services, including IT prioritization, selection, budgeting, planning, implementation, and monitoring.

Our management consulting services include IT strategy, IT delivery, and IT evaluation.

  • IT strategy– enables agencies to analyze tasks in accordance with business needs. TGTG services include the following tools to help CIOs identify, prioritize, and select IT investments:
    • ROI analysis reports
    • Business case/alternative analysis
    • Portfolio planning
    • Project estimates
    • Investment planning
  • IT delivery— used for initiation, planning, execution, and monitoring of projects. TGTG uses tools such as PMBoK, EVMS, status reports, and other tools to monitor time, cost, and quality.
  • IT operations and evaluation– This process involves (1) post-production operations and maintenance to keep an IT investment viable and (2) post-implementation reviews to evaluate the impact that an IT investment has on an agencies’ missions– along with its ROI. TGTG services include the following:
    • Balanced scorecard reports
    • Service-level management reports