Health Informatics

Public health is vital. At TGTG, we believe that public health is the key to proper care of elderly populations, reducing chronic disease, and eliminating health disparities. Our firm provides solutions for better information integration across the health ecosystem. We develop IT solutions that develop a clearer understanding of populations through surveillance, enhanced infrastructure, and information exchange.

Leading the evolution of informatics and health research

The resources necessary to develop and research a single drug can be astronomical—both in terms of time and price. At TGTG, we recognize that advances in medicine require health research to be more efficient, cost-effective, and yield high-quality results. Our portfolio of health IT solutions stems from decades of partnership with clinical trial and research stakeholders.

TGTG is a national leader, developing web-based capture, reporting, and monitoring solutions including ontology-powered analytics tools. Our services help to provide new insight into data—allowing researchers to effectively design and conduct their studies, thereby reducing the time to bring products to market. We also help our clients to improve regulatory compliance and manage quality so that research and operations are more efficient and productivity is enhanced.

The result? We reduce the time it takes to bring life-changing drugs to market.