Clinical Support Services

TGTG consultants are skilled briefer and communicators, able to present and explain both the technical and clinical aspects of the project to our customers. Our diverse clinical expertise coupled with proven management skills has been principal in understanding mission requirements necessary to achieve desired results in managing the technical and functional operations, delivery of automated information systems to support clinical activities for health care delivery and strategic planning for supporting activities required to implement new electronic clinical capability.

TGTG understands that health care outcomes such as overall survival or quality of life are the end results of a complex interaction between the patient, treatment and the healthcare system. Research may identify superior interventions but their dissemination and changing the behavior of healthcare providers is challenging. AT TGTG we know that demonstrating and measuring the benefits of clinical research on healthcare outcomes is an important issue.  We explore benefits that may arise in healthcare from contributing to clinical research, and consider the mechanisms which may be relevant. Improvements in infrastructure, the processes of care and workforce’s are important.