Administrative and Program Support

TGTG Administrative & Program Support services are customer-centric, adaptable and flexible, results-driven, quality-oriented and cost-conscious. Our experience managing and performing numerous contracts government and commercial customers affords us the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to effectively recruit, hire and retain the best fit personnel for our customers. TGTG has the resources and infrastructure (human, financial, facility and technology) in place to respond quickly to the needs of our customers’ business objectives while maintaining our existing commitments. Our corporate experience and qualifications include the ability to manage personnel resources providing a combination of onsite, offsite and remote support at diverse geographical locations. TGTG also has a strong history of maintaining excellent relationships with our customers, teammates and partners.  


To ensure contract objectives are achieved, our solution to contract management and tasking promotes effective coordination of contract activities, specifically task order management and administration. This approach assures appropriate sharing of information and transfer of knowledge throughout the project performance period among the entire project team.