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We recognize that managing a healthcare business can be complex.  While technology helps, it can also make managing your business even more complex.  As a Healthcare Information Management Consulting firm, our goal is to provide small, mid-sized and enterprise customers with the right information technology consultation, strategies and solutions when their business needs them. The Green Technology Group, LLC (TGTG) has a track record of offering expert consultants and technical support to privately-held government organizations.


Who We Are

TGTG is committed to assisting our government and commercial customers protect the health and safety of the American people.

TGTG Services


Our consulting firm has the human capital to deliver superior service for the healthcare and technology services industries.

TGTG Solutions
Expanding Decision Making Expertise

We are excited to announce the latest release, version 2.0.  Again our team has delivered a powerful solution, yet still kept it at an affordable price.

TGTG Contract Vehicles


TGTG has forged strategic relationships with industry-leading technology firms and local universities.



TGTG was founded in 2008 and has 30+ years of military, government and commercial experience.

TGTG Careers

TGTG Careers

We demonstrate a commitment to each member of our team by offering a competitive benefits package.

Human capital to deliver superior service

Our consulting firm has the human capital to deliver superior service with respect to program and project management, medical technology, healthcare analytics, distributed learning and instructional design solutions for the healthcare industry. We understand the value of customer satisfaction. TGTG is dedicated to leveraging proven best practices and emerging technology to provide quality customer services. We emphasize timely follow-up with our clients to get critical feedback to ensure all goals are successfully met.

We produce efficient, effective and well-timed results by understanding our clients’ needs and supporting them in their efforts to obtain the most desired outcomes. Our goal is to exceed all expectations in every way possible.